10 Blogging Tools Every Blogger Needs

free tools for bloggers, best plugins and other platforms for a successful blog

Blogging might seem easy at first, but there are many components apart from writing itself which can be overwhelming over time.

Luckily, there are tons of great, free tools out there that bloggers and other content creators can take advantage of without spending any money.

These free and some paid blogging tools will help you as you start your blogging journey. They will help take you from blogging newbie to confident, efficient and well-seasoned blogger. From keyword research and a simple grammar check to creating a paid course, in this blog post, I will share my top 10 tools that I use for each stage of the content creation process.


Keyword research

Before you even start creating great content, you have to do a research on what keywords to use. Finding the most effective keywords that your website or blog should be optimized for is essential for getting ranked higher in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

What you are striving for is to find relevant, high traffic keywords that are less competitive. Doing this research will give you free, high and most importantly organic traffic. You would be surprised how many business, websites and blogs don’t have properly researched keyword titles in place and just how many people don’t know how important this step is.

The best resources for keyword research are:



SEMrush is a great and easy to use free tool to help you do search engine optimization research, track keywords, find back link opportunities and many more.

The free version of SEMrush gives you just about everything you need to complete keyword research for your blog and it is a very powerful tool that you absolutely need as a blogger.


Keyword Finder

This is another great keyword planner, but it is mainly for long tail keywords, which you need to help your SEO succeed! They give you simple suggestions of the lower competition keywords that you can do SEO for.

KW Finder gives you a difficulty ranking based on SEO stats of pages that rank high in Google SERP – search engine results page. It shows the Cost Per Click, Pay Per Click, and the monthly search volume.




The best free tool to use for editing your posts and check your grammar is Grammarly. I honestly don’t know how is it possible to write anything without this tool.

Grammarly helps you ensure proper grammar and spelling in your articles automatically. Even if you are great at spelling, you are still human and you will make a mistake. Perfect way to not have to think about it, is to simply install this tool and focus on the creative part of blogging witch is writing contact.


Google Drive 

This platform is used for all your content drafts and ideas to be kept safe before publishing. Google drive service lets you create as many folders and documents as you want and you can sort them how ever you like.

This software is great as it can be accessed from any device that you want because it is cloud based storage. You can access all of your files anywhere and at any time, just by logging into your google account.

Social Media Management


Sumo is a free WordPress plugin and a great tool that allows you to add social sharing buttons, email capture forms, and various analytics to your blog. This plugin will help you grow your website and once this plugin is activated you can play with all the different options.

Free version of this plugin is really cool but don’t activate too many options on every corner of your website because it won’t look professional and it can slow down your website performance.


Visual appearance


Canva is the best graphic tool for unskilled users because it is really easy to use and it offers many templates that can be used for free. If graphic design isn’t your strong skill this website is created for you. You can sign up with Google+, email or Facebook and start using this free tool within a seconds.

Once you are in, you can simply choose from various templates and customize your post however you would like. Everything is drag and drop, which makes it so much easier and the text can be edited much like text boxes in any other graphic design software.



Pixabay might be the best site where you can find free images for your blog. You can search for the images by keywords or you can browse through their collection of more then 2 million royalty free images.

Pixabay also offers illustrations, vectors and even videos that you can simply download for free and use in any project. What’s so great about this website is that the photos are beautiful and great quality.


Email list


ConvertKit is a great email service provider for bloggers and it offers many more advances that can help you grow your site faster. It works great with bloggers of all types. You can use it for promotion of your latest post, to build a relationship with your readers and to sell your products or services.

ConvertKit is very powerful, easy to use and it is much better then most email marketing softwares out there. This tool will help you tremendously with growing your business.


Manage your money


The software to be an extremely attractive choice for small businesses. You’ll be able to connect your bank accounts so that transactions are automatically imported, just leaving you to assign an explanation to them and attach receipts or invoices.

It’s my go to book keeping tool and what I love is that Quickbooks has very helpful and responsive support team.

Website Monetization


The best tool to use to create online courses is teachable. This platform lets you create paid courses, free courses used for your email collection, for creating monthly and annual membership subscriptions and numerous features like affiliate payouts and email marketing.

They have another great benefit and that is live support chat from teachable where all of your questions can be answered.



The journey to a successful business doesn’t always have to be hard and you don’t have to do everything by yourself.  If you install all of these plugins and sign up for the platforms that you’ve read about in this post, your journey will be much smother.

Hopefully, this post helped you figure out where to start and gave you some of the most important blogging tools you’ll need. I’m happy to answer anything that you need clarification on. Just drop a comment; we’d love to hear from you.


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