How to Get Real Instagram Followers

Get Real Instagram Followers

If you want to use Instagram for you business and you want to attract clients and potential business opportunities, or if you just want to grow your personal account these are some methods and ways to do that:

Optimize your SEO

Change your name on your BIO so you can rank higher in SEO. Realistically no one is going to search your name or the name of your business especially if they don’t know you, but what they will do is that they will search for your niche or the type of content that you post on your Instagram page. That can be business couch or a writer or a fitness couch or travel or food or anything that represents type of content you put out.

Make sure you are leveraging that key aspect of that BIO section so that you are not putting it to waste because that is presses real estate to help you rank higher in Instagram search.


Write captions that convert:

Add depth to your Instagram account by having posts and captions that can make someone stop scrolling and engage on you post.

You will get someone to stop scrolling and maybe liking your post by quality content you are putting out there but to get someone to engage with you, you would have to show some personality. Think of it as dating. When you like someone, first off, it’s maybe because of their looks but what makes you fall in love with them and engage in conversation with them is their personality.

Treat your account like a micro blog and write captions that can spark a conversation and get people to connect with you especially if you have a business. Not everyone will resonate but those that do will become potential clients or your biggest fans because they feel a stronger connection with you.

Post consistently

People say that consistency is key, but how many times should you post a week?

You should post enough times that will give you that engagement that you want but not too many times where your followers are getting sick of you and no longer wish to follow you.

This is a problem that many people and brands face with Instagram so these are some steps that you can follow to see meaningful results:

  • Create a content strategy (think of 4 or 5 different categories that you can create content in)

  • Create a content calendar (it allows you to take your content ideas place them into the calendar and shift them around so you can make sure that your content is balanced and that you are rotating those 4 or 5 categories on the regular bases)

  • Post 2 to 3 times a week

  • ENGAGE with your followers on the regular basis


Follow for follow

This method is old but good, I mean if it wasn’t no one would be talking about it anymore. However, you can’t just go and follow everyone you like and as many accounts as you would like because Instagram will ban you and restrict you account. Even if Instagram didn’t have anything against it you are not going to get a very good engagement by just following bunch of accounts that have nothing to do with you niche.


  • Find an account that is just like yours (the same niche with the similar amount of followers)

  • Go into their most resent posts, click on the likes and follow those people. You are going to get more engagement out of that then if you just went into that accounts followers page and just follow everyone.

  • Instagram will let you follow around 50 to 60 people an hour before they restrict you but there is a way to prevent it and follow more people. If you follow only 20 to 30 people from the like page of the recent post from the similar niches account and visit their accounts and like 4 to 5 recent posts you will get better engagement. From there you can find more similar accounts and repeat the process as many times as you like without getting band because Instagram will see that as more organic type of activity.

  • Now that your account doesn’t look very good because you follow more people than are following you (even thought that doesn’t look that bad and will not have much effect on gaining followers) it is time to delete accounts that are not following you back.


Only follow celebrities

This method is 100% efficient and it doesn’t take much time but it doesn’t look organic so you will only be able to follow 50 to 60 people an hour before you get band and you will not have engagement that you want as a business.


  • Go to a celebrities account and follow them.

  • Follow 50 to 60 people that come up right under as suggested accounts to follow.

  • Unfollow them and repeat the process.



This is relevant piece of information if you want to grow on Instagram even thought everyone cringes when they hear a word hashtag. Hashtags allow people to find you and allows you to increase you reach. However, if you don’t do it right it is useless.

Don’t use big generic hashtags like business, success, make up, basketball or something that huge because by the time you post, the post disappears from the hashtag explore page within 5 seconds.

Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again. Rotate you hashtags because Instagram is going to view you as spam and decrease your reach.

Create hashtag groups varying in sizes that you can use in rotation every time you post. This is going to take some time but research hashtags within your sub niche and use small to medium hashtags. You have to switch up your hashtag sizes because that will help you increase your reach and make sure that you are actually reaching those people that care about your content.


It will take consistency and time, just like with anything in life, but if you are not willing to put in the work you are not going to see the growth in anything you do. At the end of the day it’s up to you.

Good luck!

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