How to Improve Mental Health

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In this blog post we will dive deep in all the ways to improve your mental health. It is important to create balance in all areas of your life. It should come as no surprise that what goes around comes around, therefore the energy you put out there will come right back to you.

You would want to vibrate on a higher level so you can attract the energy on the same frequency into your life. You can raise your vibration by developing positive lifestyle habits such as meditation, positive self talk, creativity, physical activity, healthy food, enough sleep, avoiding people and things that don’t bring joy to your life and embracing the ones that do.



Start meditating and be more present

People have been practicing meditation for thousands of years and it had a tremendous effect on them mentally, physically and spiritually.

People who meditate are able to focus on their tasks better, are more patients, have more empathy, and are more generous. They laugh more often and are able to spend more time around people. Just like, going to the gym gives your body more physical strength, meditation is the way to do that for your mind.



Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude will elevate your energetic vibration and emotional output. When you feel joy, you will attract more things you’ll feel joyful about. When you are being thankful for the things you have, more things that you want will come your way.

There are many challenges in our lives that prevent us to feel this emotion every day. It is hard to be grateful if something in your life is not going according to plan. But the good news is that we can program ourselves to feel emotion of gratitude by focusing on the things that we do have and ignore the feeling of lack.

Practicing gratitude daily will engrave that behavior into your subconscious mind and it will become a new normal to you in time. Soon enough, the day won’t go by with out you practicing this exercise.



Practice positive self talk

The thoughts that are streaming through us are constant. It is really important to eliminate the negative thoughts about our selves and start creating new and positive ones.

The really dangerous thing about constantly thinking negatively about yourself, is that those thoughts carry negative emotions with them. We spend our days miserable, feeling sorry for ourselves and having imaginary fights which can only bring just that to our lives.

Our mind is very powerful and it is time to start treating it correctly.



Ask for help

It is really hard for us to ask for help and somehow we believe that other people should notice that we need help, and offer it on their own. You should keep in mind that it is really hard for other people to notice when we need help, but not only that, they can’t be sure if you want the help in the first place.

Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. When asking for help, be very specific about what you need and why. That way you will get it every time. No one is interested in helping when they don’t know what it is, that you want.

Stop apologizing when asking for help, ask for it in person and thank the person after they’ve helped you.



Never compare yourself to other

Nothing good will ever come out of compering your self to others. You will only feed your inner critic and give it more fuel for negative self talk. It will make you uninspired and depressed. Even if you win in comparison, it s a distracting, short-term boost of ego that will not have much benefit to your mental health.

Other peoples social media is not accurate presentation of their lives. You might find yourself feeling resentment towards those people when in reality you don’t know the real story. You can’t compare your real life to someones highlights.

Don’t set yourself up for a failure by comparing yourself to a made up story of someone else.



Be creative

We are all born to be creative and there are so many benefits in engaging in some kind of creativity. Creativity helps our brain functioning, it decreases pain and it lifts our vibration.

When we engage in some form of creativity, we stimulate parts of our brain that solve problems. It might be easier to find the solution for something that we are struggling with because that part of the brain is activated.



Connect with nature

Any type of daily physical activity is good for your mental health as it releases endorphins in our brains that help reduce stress, depression and feeling of anxiety.

30 minutes a day for 5 days will be enough exercise to keep you energized and if you combine it with spending your time in nature it will do wonders for your energetic field.



Listen to uplifting music

Listening the music can effect your mood so it’s no surprise that it can effect depression and anxiety. Listening to music can help you express your emotions and overcome and let go the repressed ones.



Start eating healthy, Drink water & Sleep

As you probably understand by now, eating healthy and exercise regularly, will improve your mental and physical health. But everyone keeps ignoring the importance of good sleep.

Your brain needs that time to process all the information that it gathered that day and it releases all the toxins that are built up. Lack of sleep, eating bad food and not drinking enough water per day can effect depression and anxiety levels.



Minimize the time you spend on social media

The constant need for validation from other people is something that will lower your energy and bring you to a lower frequency. Even if you got all the likes and shares you wanted, it will only give you a quick boost to your ego and you’ll find yourself looking for more approval in no time.

Being constantly exposed to social media means being influenced by all the content, ideas and information from other people that can only drag you away from your path and put you in negative emotions of lack, need and resentment.



Cut toxic people from your life & Stop doing things that don’t bring you joy


  • Cut all the toxic people out of your life!

  • Say NO to anything you don’t want to do!

  • Quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy!

This part might seem hard right now but when you start working on yourself and changing for the better you will see how difficult it is when you are surrounded by certain people, situations and interments. Trying to create new habits is hard enough with out the negative influence from the outside world.

Simply cut all the negative influence out of your life. You don’t need it.

Doing this is going to make you feel more in control and more free. It will allow your mind to be more relaxed and focused on your journey to a much happier and more successful life. Future you will thank you.

Surround yourself with positive people that bring value to your life. They will help you lift your vibration and you can project that vibe back at them.


Final words:

Everyone wants to be happy but not everyone is willing to work on themselves to achieve happiness. Practicing the habits we spoke about in this blog post will make you keep your vibration high despite what is happening on the surface level in your life.

The key to improving your mental health is in achieving balance in all areas of your life. Building better mental health will not be easy but with the tools that you now have it will be possible.

Feel free to add to this article by commenting down below. You can share habits you practice to maintain your mental well-being so we can help more people with more information.


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