How to Market your Business for Free

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Some people think that to market their business they need to pay a lot of money and some don’t even release how important it is to market their business. You can successfully market your business, your service or your product completely for free.

The ways to market your business, that I’m going to list below, all 100% work but, before you get overwhelmed, you need to know that you don’t have to do it all. You might think that it would be best, as a serious business, to be an all social media platforms and using all the ways to market your business but that is just not physically possible.

You should go through all the suggestions, pick one or two that you feel most comfortable with and start there. You can always branch off later from there.


Social media

Marketing your business using social media platforms is easy, efficient and cost effective. People are going to be able to find your business, your product or service, research more information and be able to communicate with you. That will increase loyalty and referrals.

Some of the best platforms to increase your visibility as a business are Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. To chose which one is best for your business, you will have to know who your audience is and who are you selling to.

It is important to know your unique demographics because that way you will be able to make better quality content and more tailored messages. It is easier to give information about your business, product and service when you know who you are talking to.

Marketing on social media platforms will give you an opportunity to get valuable feedback on your product or service so you can keep improving it. You can build a community and give great costumer service so your business can grow.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since, you are looking for the tools and ways to market your business, the chances are, you have a website. In order for that website to be found by people who are interested in your respective niche you should be smart with using keywords specific to that niche.

Using SEO correctly will give you constant organic traffic that will lead to more sales. I’ve created a separate blog post that goes into more detail on how to optimize your website for SEO. Learn more here and rank higher in Google searches. If you don’t have a website yet I have a great step-by-step follow blog post on how to build a website and you can learn more about that here.


Online sharing communities

Get social media shares without having a following jet. When you are just starting out you are really looking for places where your business can be seen and heard of. There are many websites where other people can share your posts and you get credibility that way.

The way it works is that you share other peoples posts on your social media and you get credits for that. Then you use those credits so you can get other people to share your posts on their social media.

Few of the best websites for doing that are Viral Content Buzz, Triber, Just retweet, Empire.cred.


Affiliate Marketing

It is great if you want to be face of your own product and do your own advertising because who is more passionate about your business, product or service than you, but after a while you will have to get other people to vouch for you as well.

Setting up an affiliate program will cost you money and you will have to pay people that sign up for that program only when they bring a sail. The free way of doing this is by reaching out to influencers and offering them your product or service for free in exchange for referrals.


Join discussion groups and forums

When you are first starting your business, it is really important to work hard on building trust with your audience. Offer information and solutions to peoples problems so that they get interested in you. Don’t try to force people to buy what you’re selling before you’ve built that foundation. That would be like proposing on a first date and even if you are offering the best quality service or product you will only push your potential customers away.

One of the great ways of getting credibility and more traffic to your business is to join discussions somewhere online and answering peoples questions. Doing this will not only get you more traffic but it will teach you about what people need. It can give you an inside to what problems people need a solution for and that way you will better pursue your product or service.



Your business can get a lot of exposure and grow tremendously with podcasting. You can even be a guest on other peoples podcast and that way you have their endorsement.

Podcasting is a great way of getting more traffic to your business because this way you give the audience more than what you can give them in a blog post. It allows you to share your story, the audience can here your voice, they can understand the passion behind your business and they can connect with you better.



Video content is more likely to be viewed than for the article to be read. Fortunately, in today s world, it is easier than ever to create a video which you can easily upload to YouTube or your social media with a push of a button. Filming a video on your phone is free, you can edit it for free with many apps out there, and you can publish it for free. There is a ketch though. The key to a more likely clicked on video is for it to be entertaining or useful, or the combination of the two.


Last words:

I want to make sure that you understand just how important knowing how to market your business really is. You can have the best quality product or service out there but if you don’t market that product or that service well, no one is going to know about it and therefore your business will not be successful.

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