How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure in Business

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If you are human, fear is just simply a part of you. In my humble opinion I don’t think we can eliminate it and finally be free. We can only learn to live with it and still be able to get up and show up.

When you realise that you are not your thoughts you can finally start to eliminate all those negative scenarios in our heads and see them as something external.

You can use this post to create a new thought pattern for the next time the fear of failure intervenes with your success.

Where does my Fear of Failure come from?

Most people are afraid of following their dream because they care too much about what will other people think if they failed. There is 7.594 billion people in the world which is approximately 7.594 billion different points of view. Do you care what all of them think of you or just those that have the privilege to know you? Who cares?

What other people think of you is not your business and it shouldn’t be your concern! You can’t control anyone else’s thoughts therefor you can bend over backwards and some people still won’t like you. Remember someone didn’t like Jenifer Aniston. There are people who don’t like puppies and some who don’t eat ice-cream.

If you waste your life on playing by other people’s rules you will never be happy and you will fail at the most important thing and that’s REACHING YOUR FULL POTENTIAL!


What’s the worst that can happen?

Even though it feels like it, failure, is never the end of the world. Most times it’s just a learning experience. Sometimes it’s the end of the business but that can spark an idea for the new and more successful one.

You can overcome the fear of the unknown by simply creating the worst case scenario in your head and say it out loud. We give things more power than they deserve and what this will do is take some of that power away. Don’t dwell on it! Do this exercise once, just to face the fear and than stop thinking about the negative outcomes.

Other important thing you should do, that will give you courage to move forward, is to have a backup plan. Having a plan B will reduce the anxiety and fear about possible failure and give you more confidence.


How do I move forward?

Start viewing failure differently. Don’t give it too much power! Things happen. People get fired from their jobs all the time, people lose money, they get rejected, people get told that they are not good enough but the ones that persevere succeed. The ones that push themselves and never give up find success.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired for lack of imagination? Michael Jordan was kicked out of his high school basketball team. Stephen King’s most successful book Carrie was rejected by 30 publishers. Oprah Winfrey was fired because she was declared to be “unfit for TV”. Bill Gates doesn’t even know the number of times he failed but the one thing they all have in common is that they never gave up. It doesn’t matter if you failed 29 times you can not give up until you have what you want. What if the 30th time is your big break and all it took was one more try?


Learn from failure and don’t let it stop you

Too many people think that being scared of failure will prevent them from failing. They see a person that failed and they think learning from their mistakes would be to never even try. How foolish they are.

Love for success is more powerful than fear of failure. You should be more scared of settling for less and never taking action than trying and failing multiple times. You can not quite before you get what you want in life. You can only change the way to get it, become resourceful, learn the skills you need, get better, get more experience and confidence but never ever give up.


Last words:

How would you feel if you were 85 years old, sitting in your rocking chair and thinking about things you’ve never done in your life because you were too afraid of failure. Would you care, at 85, about what your friends thought or what people would’ve said.

When you imagine yourself at 85, you would want to be able to look back at your life and smile with joy because you’ve done it all. You’ve taken risks, you’ve taken chances and you took action. You haven’t succeeded in all things you’ve tried, of course, you’ve failed in some of them, but you are happy now that you did. You’ve learned from your failures and grew even stronger. A life full of failures is much better than a life full of what ifs.

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